In 1994, NYU received Villa La Pietra in a bequest from Sir Harold Acton. This generous gift, including five villas and 37 acres of gardens, ensured that the intellectual, cultural and artistic life of Villa La Pietra would be shared with future generations of students, scholars, and the wider international community. The Villa serves as a rich resource for ongoing research in art history, conservation, and Italian history. The scenographic grounds of Villa la Pietra continue to inspire artists, writers, musicians, poets, actors and public intellectuals who are given time and space to nurture and hone their craft, experiment, collaborate across disciplines, and to create and present new works or the reinterpretation of classics. Villa La Pietra, the Acton Collection, and the Garden have been officially listed as cultural heritage and fall under the protection of the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts. NYU continues to maintain the estate as it was envisioned by the Acton family.

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Perri Klass

Larry Wolff

Lorenzo Ricci
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Assistant Director for Villa La Pietra Operations
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Collection Manager
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Coordinator for Graduate Programs and Advanced Research
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Horticultural Associate
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Cristina Fantacci Cellini
Visit and Event Coordinator
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