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Thu, September 13, 2018

18:00 – 19:30

Spazio Alfieri
Via dell'Ulivo, 6
50122 Firenze, Italy

Writer Pap Khouma will talk about his book Io, venditore di elefanti and engage in a dialogue, along with activist Pape Diaw, about immigration in Italy. The dialogue will be moderated by NYU Florence´s Suzanne Menghraj and journalist Imma Vitelli.

(Italian and English translation available)

LPD – Equity, Diversion and Inclusion


Featured Biographies

Pap Khouma


Pap Khouma is a Senegalese writer Italian naturalized citizen. He arrived in Italy in 1984 and he lives in Milan where he works in the FNAC bookstore. He speaks three languages (Wolof, Italian and French). For twelwe years he moved around schools in Italy to give lectures on African culture and to teach in refresher courses for teachers on integration issues. He participated in numerous conferences on the theme of immigration culture and literature in Italy (Milan, Rome, Bologna) and United States (Africa/Italy: an interdisciplinary international symposium, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; immigration et intégration, Sénégal/Italy/France, Northwestern University of Chicago; Societa´ multiculturale, Queen´s College of New York; Letteratura degli immigrati in Italia, Casa Italiana of New York University). He was curator and co-author of the book Nato in Senegal Immigrato in Italia (1994) and he published Io venditore di elefeanti (1990) dealing with his personal experience as peddler, Nonno Dio e gli spiriti danzanti e Noi italiani neri (2010). He is one of the founders and editor-in-chief of the literature journal El Ghibli (2003).

Pape Diaw


Mbaye Pape Diaw is an Italian citizen born in Dakar, Senegal. He has been a resident in Florence since 1980. He works as a socio-cultural actor, activist and human rights defender and as a migration consultant.