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Tue, February 22, 2022

10:00 am – 11:00 am

Villa La Pietra
via Bolognese, 120,
50139 Florence, iIaly

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Guided tour for NYU Florence students to the temporary based display project on the second floor of the Villa, and to other collection rooms, with a focus on cross cultural connections.

Fall 2021 students Annie Hosch, Corinne Lattermann, Marie Miller, Josecarlos Navarro (JC), and Victor Zhou with the conservation team and NYU Florence staff, coordinated by the Collection Manager Francesca Baldry, collaborated towards the installation of five Chinese Late Qing Dynasty robes in dialogue with French Callot Soeurs Gowns, all belonging to Mrs Acton and usually preserved in storage. In the same room other artworks, textiles, books and photographs  from and about China and many Chinoiserie have been assembled for an exploration of the family’s collecting taste and their deep interest in the culture and people from Asia.


As part of the Museum Meetings – Spring 2022 program