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Mon, February 18, 2019

18:00 – 19:30

Villa La Pietra
Via Bologense, 120
50139 Firenze, italia

A dialogue with Tiziana Caponio, Marie Curie Fellow, European University Institute, Professor, University of Turin.

Over the last two decades three different yet overlapping ‘crises’ have underpinned the development of migration flows and immigrant settlement in Europe: an integration crisis since the early 2000s, the economic crisis since 2007 and, last but not least, the current ‘refugee crisis’. These crises reflect Europe’s difficulty in coming to terms with being a de facto continent of immigration. Political responses have been slow and often inadequate, contributing to the polarization of European public opinion without tackling the key structural causes of ‘the crises’. To deal with these challenges Europe needs to invest more in research and policy interventions at both the EU and local levels as the central loci of political action on migration. While the EU is the most relevant actor for promoting and sustaining a shift in political discourses and intercultural integration policies and practices that can serve as the keystone for building a Europe of immigration, the local level is the very context in which interactions between different social actors take place on a daily basis.

LPD – EU in Focus: What is the EU? Whay Does it Matter?

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Tiziana Caponio


Tiziana Caponio, PhD in Political Science at the University Cesare Alfieri of Florence, is currently Marie Curie Research Fellow at MPC with a project on City Networks in the multilevel governance of migration in Europe and North America. Her research focuses on migration policy and policymaking, with a specific attention to the local dimension and multilevel governance dynamics. Since 2015 she is Associate Professor at the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society (CPS) of the University of Turin, where she has been teaching ‘Dynamics and policies of migration’. She is also Research Fellow at Collegio Carlo Alberto and at the Forum of International and European Research on Immigration (FIERI). She is co-chair of the Standing Committee on ‘The Multilevel Governance of Immigration and Immigrant Integration Policies’ of the IMISCOE Research Network and has been involved in many international collaborative projects on migration and immigrant integration policies in Europe and beyond. In April-June 2017 she was Luigi Einaudi Chair at the Cornell Institute for European Studies (Cornell University). She has recently edited together with Peter Scholten and Ricard Zapata The Routledge Handbook of the Governance of Migration and Diversity in Cities. Always adopting a multilevel governance perspective, she is currently involved in the analysis of Italian asylum policies.