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Wed, February 08, 2023

18:00 – 19:00

Villa La Pieta
Via Bolognese, 120
50139 Florence, Italy


A conversation with Francesca Baldry, Collection Manager, and Nick Dakin-Elliot, Horticultural Associate.

A true Tuscan Villa Estate consists of a house, a garden, and agricultural land. The house contains living space but it also contains space for collections of art and books, entertaining and relaxing. The garden forms a green extension to the house and views from it towards the Tuscan agricultural landscape form an integral part of the enjoyment it provides. The agricultural land produces food to sell but its main purpose, as is that of the whole estate, is the well-being of those lucky enough to live on it. The philosophy of Villa Living traces its roots back to ancient Rome and while it has followed fashion, politics, and economic well-being remains at its heart as much today as it did more than two thousand years ago.

This talk deals with the history and development of the Tuscan Villa Estate that is La Pietra, how NYU is caring for it, and how you, as an NYU student, may make the most of the opportunities it provides for your well-being and education in 2023.

A collaboration between Terra Firma Firenze and Museum Meetings