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Thu, December 10, 2020

17:00 – 18:30

On Zoom
(For NYU Florence Community-only)
Via Bolognese, 120
50139 Florence, Italy

(Image: Three phases of the treatment process – before-during-and after conservation – detail of the head of Henry III)

The Valois Tapestries are a series of eight large tapestries depicting festivities or “magnificences” held by Catherine de’ Medici‘s Royal Courts in the second half of the 16th century. They are preserved at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence but not usually on display.  In November 2018, six of the eight tapestries –Elephant, Fontainebleau, Journey, Polish Ambassadors, Tournament, and Whale– were displayed, after conservation, for the first time in North America at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Join us to celebrate the completion of the seventh tapestry in the conservation studio of Villa La Pietra NYU Florence. 

The textile conservator Costanza Perrone Da Zara (Restauro Tessile di Beyer e Perrone) will illustrate the work that she and her team of Restauro Tessile have gone through in one year of passionate dedication; Prof. Larry Wolff, Co-Director of NYU Florence, will talk about the historical significance of the 16th-century context, focusing on Frances Yates’s interpretation of the tapestries, and finally Francesca Baldry, Collection Manager, will connect this project to the Villa La Pietra Acton Collections and invite students and faculty to address questions and observations.


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Event reserved to NYU Florence Community-only