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Thu, September 24, 2015

18:00 – 19:30

Villa Sassetti

Self-initiated projects are essential to refining your photographic practice, developing your intuition, and building up the experience you need to take your visual storytelling to the next level. The subject matter you choose, the way you approach it and the way you visually represent and share what you witness, will all dictate the impact it has and size of audience it reaches. This lecture will focus on the experiences of photographer Chris King as he explores the issue of avoidable food waste. He will share how his approach has evolved with time as he continually strives to make his work more engaging, as well as the steps he has taken to connect with as wide an audience as possible, and affect positive change around the issue of food waste.

The Documentary Photography Through the Lens series, curated by NYU Florence Professor Alessandra Capodacqua, explores photography as a visual language to communicate ideas and to reflect on the intersection between the personal and the public.

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Featured Biographies

Chris King


Chris King spent most of his adult life involved in trying to create positive change on some level and to some degree – be it as a grassroots activist campaigning about climate change at a time when most people had never heard of such a thing, or carrying out an impact assessment of a water program implemented by a disaster relief organisation in remote parts of Cambodia. He uses his camera as a tool to engage and inform people through visual storytelling, and to bring attention to under-reported stories – on my doorstep and beyond. King is a self-taught photographer and multimedia producer, and continues to strive to improve his understanding and ability to tell an engaging story through visual media and the use of web technology.