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Fri, February 25, 2022

10:00 – 12:00

Stibbert Museum
Via Federigo Stibbert, 26
50134 Florence, Italy

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NYU Florence  Students are invited to explore the house museum of the eclectic collector Frederick Stibbert, a friend of Hortense Mitchell Acton, who lived near Villa La Pietra and often came for tea. The museum preserves an incredible number of artworks from many different countries connected to Stibbert’s interest in the history of costumes and armor, in addition to old master paintings, tapestries, and porcelain. Villa La Pietra Collection Manager Francesca Baldry and Martina Becattini, Paintings and Furniture Curator for the Stibbert Museum, will lead the group in a discussion of similarities and differences between the two museums and specifically about the display of Asian art objects.


Map on how to reach the museum, a 10 minute walk from campus.

As part of the Museum Meetings – Spring 2022 program