Museum Meetings consist of a series of conversations dedicated to various aspects of art and museums, including art history, photography, anthropology, collecting, curation, techniques and media, conservation, and the role of museums and archives in society today. It originates in the Acton Collection at Villa La Pietra and expands to other art spaces in Florence and Italy. It is designed to attract a multidisciplinary group of students, not just those studying art or art history. All the meetings are conceived as discussions and envisage an active participation. Francesca Baldry, Collection Manager at Villa La Pietra, organizes the meetings and welcomes suggestions from students.

Wednesday, February 8, at 6:00 PM – Sala da Ballo, Villa La Pietra
La Pietra, A Tuscan Villa Between Productivity, Aesthetics, and Wellbeing 
A talk with Francesca Baldry, Collection Manager, and Nick Dakin-Elliot, Horticultural Associate. 
(In conjunction with Terra Firma Firenze)

Thursday, February 9, at 13:30 PM – Villa La Pietra
An Eclectic and Diverse Collection 
Guided tour with discussion. 
Light lunch will follow

Friday, February 24, at 9:00 AM – Palazzo Pitti
Eleonora di Toledo and the Creation of the Boboli Gardens 
Visit to the extraordinary exhibit with the Curator Bruce Edelstein, NYU Florence, and Elena Pozzi, Achitect 

Monday, February 27, at 6:00 PM – Villa Sassetti (Event open to the public)
Private Cinema 
Screening of an Acton family’s home movie and other examples of early filming, followed by a Round Table with Rossella Catanese, Domenico Cannalire, Francesca Baldry, Scott Palmer,  and Paolo Simoni, Home Movies.

Tuesday, March 7, at 13:30 PM  – Villa La Pietra
From Private Home to House Museum 
Guided tour with discussion.
Light lunch will follow

Saturday, March 25 all day
Renaissance Art Field Trip to Perugia – Visit to the Exhibition “Italy’s Best Maestro. Perugino in his day” and other cultural sites.
(In conjunction with OSL)

Tuesday,  March 28,  at 1:30 PM – Villa La Pietra
Meet the Conservators (Preventive Conservation and Mosaics)
A talk with Stefano Pasolini.
Light lunch will follow

Tuesday, April 11,  at 12:30 PM – Villa La Pietra
Meet the Conservators (Paintings and Sculptures)
A talk with Francesca Spagnoli.
Light lunch will follow

Saturday, April 15, (AM time tbc) 
Visit to Villa Petraia and Villa Castello 
(In conjunction with Terra Firma Firenze)

Monday, April 18, at 12:30 PM – Villa La Pietra
Meet the Conservators (Textiles) 
A talk with costanza Perrone Da Zara and Claudia Beyer, Resturo Tessile.
Light lunch will follow

Tuesday, May 2, at 6:00 PM, Villa Sassetti (Event open to the general public)
The Garden of VLP Through the Acton Photography Collection
A conversation with Francesca Baldry and Lorenzo Fecchio (UniStraSi)


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