About the Collection

The photographic images preserved in Villa La Pietra date from around 1870 to 1994 and are extraordinarily varied in subject matter. Consisting of approximately 32,000 items (positives, negatives, and images on glass) were organized and indexed in 2002-2005 and have become the Acton Photograph Archive at Villa La Pietra. A project of digitization and cataloguing is currently undergoing.

The Acton Photograph Archive Finding Aid

A complete finding aid of the archive is now available for consultation online via NYU Libraries.

Accessing the Photograph Archive

Due to limited research space and staff time, appointments are required to access photographic archive resources. Requests should be made well in advance, detailing material needed and reason for an on-site visit. Individuals wishing to conduct academic research on materials available within the collection should be schedule an appointment by using the Acton Photograph Archive Research Request Form. Please note that some records may be restricted for security or legal reasons, privacy issues, or conservation status.

Requests for Reproduction

Requests to obtain or publish images should be made via the following Request for Photographs and Video Reproduction Form.