The Graduate Studies Seminar was a lecture series strictly related to the M.A. in Italian Studies at NYU Florence. Each semester the Visiting Professor from NYU who led the scientific activity of the Masters at Villa La Pietra, also co-organized with the local Coordinator the lecture series. In 2015-2016 the Seminar was arranged by Prof. Rebecca Falkoff with Bruce Edelstein (Fall) and by Prof. Karl Apphun with Dr. Claudia Tarallo (Spring).


Academic Year 2015-2016

Death and the City: Venice’s Bodies as Ecological Texts

Sep 15 2015 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

Graduate Seminar Series Serenella Iovino, Professor of Comparative Literature, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and of Modern Cultures, Università di... Learn More >

Tomorrow’s Renaissance: a New Narrative for Europe?

Sep 29 2015 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

In March 2014 the European Union published the Declaration of the New Narrative for Europe. This document, which was produced... Learn More >

Everything Within the State, Nothing Against the State, Nothing Outside the State: Toward the History of Everyday Life in Fascist Italy

Nov 03 2015 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

“Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.” Benito Mussolini’s formulation remains one of the most... Learn More >

Music and Lyrics. On Purgatorio 2

Oct 06 2015 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

Graduate Studies Seminar Just after reaching the shores of Purgatory, Dante witnesses the landing of a group of souls among whom... Learn More >

American Naples: Cross-Cultural Memories of an Occupation

Nov 17 2015 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

On October 1, 1943, at 9:30 the Allied Fifth Army entered Naples and established a military government that lasted until... Learn More >

Anita Raja – La traduzione come pratica dell’accoglienza

Nov 25 2015 / 18:00 / Villa Sassetti

Anita Raja Literary Translator and Director, Biblioteca Europea, Roma Graduate Studies Seminar Si parlerà del tradurre come relazione caratterizzata dalla disparità. La traduzione... Learn More >

Honor’s Many Faces: Disputes, Truces and Peace-Making in Early Modern Italy (16th-18th Centuries)

Dec 01 2015 / 18:00 / Villa Sassetti

Maria Pia Paoli, Researcher in Early Modern History, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa Graduate Seminar Series The concepts of honor and nobility... Learn More >

Venice and The Veterinarian: Enlightement, Epidemics, and the Creation of the Chair of Veterinary Medicine at Padua

Feb 02 2016 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

The late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries witnessed an increased interest in animal health (primarily equine health) and a corresponding explosion... Learn More >

The Political Life of Everyday Objects. Museums and Forced Migrations from the Italian North-Eastern Border

Feb 25 2016 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

In the Magazzino 18 and in the Museo della Civiltà Istriana Fiumana e Dalmata in Trieste, everyday objects... Learn More >

Presenze fiorentine nella Roma del tardo Seicento: i poeti dell’Accademia Reale di Cristina di Svezia

Mar 01 2016 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

Nel 1674 Cristina di Svezia riapre nella sua dimora di Palazzo Riario a Roma l’Accademia Reale che aveva... Learn More >

Monuments Without Idols: Glimpses of Modernity in Late-Nineteenth Century Italian Sculpture

Mar 22 2016 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra Graduate Studies Seminar Two decades after unification, Italy was characterized by uncertain nationalism and ambivalent internationalism. The generation that... Learn More >

A Florentine Paradise in London: Exhibiting Francesco Botticini at the National Gallery

Apr 05 2016 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

  A talk by Jennifer A. Sliwka, Curator of Art and Religion, National Gallery, London Francesco Botticini’s painting of the Assumption of the Virgin... Learn More >

Dante come Orfeo cristiano

Apr 19 2016 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

Il discorso mira a sottolineare la larvata presenza del mito classico di Orfeo ed Euridice nel racconto del viaggio ultraterreno di... Learn More >

Testing Linguistic Theory and Variation to their Limits. The Case of Italo-Romance

May 03 2016 / 18:00 / Villa La Pietra

  Drawing on a number of corpus studies, including a considerable amount of data taken from my own corpora of textual and... Learn More >

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