Sixtus IV and the Basso Della Rovere d’Aragona Overdoor: Architecture and Sculpture in Renaissance Savona, by Mauro Mussolin

November 19, 1479: a dynastic alliance, two noble scions, a regal wedding, a sad and rapid epilogue. These pages reconstruct the history of the magnificent marble relief now in the Acton collection at Villa La Pietra in Florence, commissioned to celebrate the marriage between Antonio Basso Della Rovere, nephew of Pope Sixtus IV, and Caterina Marzano d’Aragona, the niece of King Ferdinand I of Naples. The heraldic symbols of the three coats of arms leave no doubt about the identities of the characters and events surrounding its creation, and lead us to the original location of the work, born as the overdoor to the main portal of the Basso Della Rovere Palace in piazza della Maddalena in Savona. Through close examination of the Della Rovere in Rome, this study highlights some previously unknown facts about the family’s origins and returns Savona to its role as a political, cultural, and artistic protagonist in late fifteenth-century Italy.

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about the Author

Mauro Mussolin, historian of architecture and art, has published on architecture and identity, on sacred space and collective rituals, on religious orders and urban transformation, on architectural models and drawings, and more extensively on Michelangelo.

He was fellow at Villa I Tatti – The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies in Florence, CASVA, The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts at The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, The Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America at Columbia University in New York, and the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz–Max-Plank Institut. He has taught in American and European institutions, including New York University-Florence from 2005 to 2014, and is currently associate professor at the Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” Chieti-Pescara.

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