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Books Consulted or on Display:

Darwin, C. and Garrison W. P., What Darwin Saw in His Voyage Round the World in the Ship ‘Beagle’. New York: Harper & Bros, 1879 (VLP LPL)

Bourgade A., Polichinelle. Le Diable Rossé. Paris: A. Capendu, s.d. [vers 1880] (VLP LPL)

Plon E., La Civilité Puérile et Honnête, Expliquée par L’oncle Eugène, illustrated by Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel. Paris: Nourrit et C., 1887 VLP LPL)

Oliver H. (Author and Illustrator), A Child’s Primer of Natural History, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1899 (VLP LPL)

Burgess G., Goops and How to be Them: a Manual of Manners for Polite Infants Inculcating Many Juvenile Virtues Both by Precept and Example With Ninety Drawings. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, c. 1900 (VLP LPL)

The Big Book of Aeroplanes. London: Frowde; Hodder and Stoughton, 1913 (VLP CO)

Gosse E., The Allies’ fairy book, with an introduction by Edmund Gosse and illustrations by Arthur Rackham. London: William Heinemann; Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Co, s.d. [1916] (VLP LPL)

Dulac E., Edmund Dulac’s picture-book for the French Red Cross. London; New York; Toronto; Published for the Daily telegraph by Hodder and Stoughton, s.d. [1916?] (VLP LPL)

Acton H., Memoirs of an Aesthete. London: Methuen, 1948 (VLP CO)

Braggiotti Etting, G., Born In A Crowd. Thomas Y. Crowell, 1957

Origo, I., Images and Shadows: Part of a Life. John Murray, 1970

White G., Antique Toys and Their Background. Arco, 1971

Acton H., More Memoirs of an Aesthete. London: Methuen, 1972 (VLP CO)

Green M., Children of the Sun. A narrative of “Decadence” in England after 1918. New York; Basic Books, Inc. Publishers, 1927 (edition 1976) (VLP CO)

Turner R. A., Florence, a family and a villa. Milano: Olivares, 2002 (VLP CO)

Baldry F., La Casa Museo di Villa La Pietra a Firenze, dalla dimora degli Acton al centro universitario della New York University, in Case Museo, famiglie proprietarie e loro collezioni d’arte. Esperienze a confronto, Atti del Convegno (Perugia 18-20 aprile 2012), a cura di R. Ranieri. Bologna:Quaderni della Fondazione Ranieri di Sorbello, 2013-14, pp. 227-251 (VLP CO)


Periodical Consulted or on Display:

The Florence Herald and Italian Herald Weekly Review of Life and Letters. Firenze: Tipografia Domenicana, 1913- 1917 (BNCF)

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